Submit a Squee

Want to share your own personal squee with the world? Send it on over to us! We will review it and let you know if we deem it squee-worthy. (Chances are that it probably is...) We have a "Featured Friend" segment that shares your pets with the world!

When you submit your pet's photo, they will also be entered for a chance as our "Pet of the Month". The winner will be voted on at the end of each month and then earn a spot in our website and newsletter sidebar!

By submitting a squee to Just So Squeeable, you are giving permission for us to share this image by any means we desire.  Most likely it will be shared on places like this here website, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter,  Google+, etc. Of course, we do like to give you credit for your squee's. Here's what you need to do:

  • Email your photo to Please make sure that it is your own photo! 
  • Include the following information in the email: Your name, pet's name, and a link to your blog (if you have one, if not - that's perfectly OK.) You can also include some other information like your pet's age, breed, location, or anything else you can think of! 
  • Click the send button and wait for our reply! Isn't that easy?

Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see what kind of squee's you have! 
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