Definition of Squee:

"An overly excited squeal of glee."
Like cute stuff? You know, the kind of cute stuff that just makes you want to squeal with delight. Just So Squeeable shares the most squee-worthy stuff on the interwebs. Mostly cute animals, but we aren't opposed to snuggly babies, cute bugs, and cartoon characters. Guaranteed to make you squee! Get your daily squee's out here. Don't forget to subscribe either - You wouldn't want to miss any squee's!

About the Author

Just So Squeeable is written by blogger Ann Staub. She's a mom of 2 girls, animal lover, and former vet tech. She also writes another blog - Pawsitively Pets. (you should check it out!). If you want, you can circle her on Google+. She loves making new friends. She also can't wait to make you squee your pants.

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