Sunday, August 18, 2013

Featured Friends - Tess and Hellboy

Hey everyone! We have some more Featured Friends to share with you all today. Their names are Tess and Hellboy. I'm sure you can tell that they love each other very much by their photo. Hellboy is an all white kitty and Tess is a calico kitty. 

Tess and Hellboy
Tess and Hellboy are part of a six cat crew and also have 2 dog siblings. Their mom's name is Lorelei - @FundOurFosters on Twitter. These cuties have had a pretty rough year, and their story is very sad. 

All of Lorelei's pets are currently having to stay in boarding at a vet clinic in Pennsylvania after their house burned down. A few months prior, her husband passed away. And to top things off, her car broke down hours just before the fire occurred. You can read the whole story here

This is what Lorelei has to say about her beloved companions:
"They are my last ties to my deceased husband, and to me, the most awesome pets anybody could ever have."
Lorelei is concerned about losing her pets. She is seeking donations to help pay for her pets' boarding fees until she is able to find a new home and car. You can donate to the Fun Our Foster campaign here. She's also interested in connecting with others who might be willing to foster her pets or anyone who has good ideas that may help her. If you're unsure about donating to the fundraiser page, Lorelei is more than happy to connect you with the boarding facility to make a direct donation there. You can email her at 

And at the very least, please share this story with others! Thanks!


  1. We agree poor babies. How sad. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. It is sad but the picture makes us smile, even if we do now have tears in our eyes :'(
    Daisy and Cress xxxx ♡♥


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