Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Featured Friends: Lulu & Jolie

Today's featured friends are a pair of super cute Chihuahua sisters - Lulu and Jolie. 

Jolie and Lulu together. 

Jolie, on the left, is about 4 years old and was adopted from SF Animal Control. Lulu, on the right, is 6 years old and was adopted from the Peninsula Humane Society. Their mom said they are both too cute and she couldn't pick a picture of just one to share, so she sent one of both! Double the cuteness for everyone! Both of these lovely ladies live with their mom and their cat sisfur - Esperanza. 

Some of you might recognize Lulu already - she's on Twitter! You can follow her on Twitter @LuluTheChi. Lulu also has a blog called Luluthechi's Blog that you can stop by and say hello to her at. 


Squee to us!

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