Thursday, June 6, 2013

15 Cute Photos of Cats in Boxes

Cats love boxes! If you didn't believe it before, you will after seeing these 15 cute photos of cats in boxes. Small boxes, big boxes, flat boxes... it doesn't matter. If it's a box, chances are it will make your cat happy!

1. The Shoebox - always a favorite. 
cat in shoe box
Photo via Mandy Jouan

2. The "Cuties" box - appropriately named for the inhabitant.
British Shorthair cat in a cutie's orange box
Photo via Emily Allen

3. Boxes are the perfect place for hugging!
Photo via Helen Olney

4. The basket is closely related to the box.
cat in a basket
Photo via pwever

5. Enjoy some sun while in a box.
Cat sunning in a box.
Photo via Peter Huys

6. Play peek-a-boo in a box.
Cat playing peek-a-boo in a box
Photo via Renee Hawk

7. Packing peanuts are pretty comfy!
Cat in a box laying in packing peanuts
Photo via Alan

8. Take a nap in a box with friends. 
2 cats sleeping in a box
Photo via Martin Cathrae

9. The Maru impression.
Cat in a soda box
Photo via Chuck

10. Boxes - what better reason to smile? :) 
Cat smiling in a box
Photo via Leif K-Brooks

11. The more the merrier!
Lots of cats in a box
Photo via Ollie Crafoord

12. Admire yourself while in a box.
Funny kitty in a box
Photo via Russell Bernice

13. Create a password for your box.
Cat hiding in box
Photo via Dreggor

14. These Cuties boxes sure are popular...
cat in a cuties box
Photo via GHR2009

15. No box is too small to squeeze into. 
cute cat squeezes into a little box
Photo via Amanda Govaert


  1. LOL is it Boxing Day? Thanks for the smiles. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I like boxes too! But I like to play with them and eat them!

  3. Speedy love's boxes too but he likes to shred them and toss them about

    1. I guess most animals like them :) Nibblet does too of course... likes to make little nests in them and whatnot.

  4. I haven't played in a box before, maybe its something I should look into :-)

    1. Maybe Misaki - it might be good to shred!


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