Sunday, May 19, 2013

Featured Friend - Yoda the Pitbull

Hey everyone, welcome back for another Featured Friend! Today I would like to introduce to you Yoda the Pitbull. Yoda is girl doggy that lives with her mom, Roberta. Roberta just recently adopted Yoda and has given her a new forever home. 

As you can see, Yoda is one cool doggy! 

Yoda and her mom are new pet bloggers. Their blog is called Yoda the Pitbull and they describe it as "A personal blog about a wonderful rescue pit and all sort of dog-related topics." 

Stop by and say hello and welcome them to the pet blogosphere! 


  1. Hi Ann! YAY! thank you for featuring Yoda and I! It's exciting to see this post, I hot the email and was like whhuuuuut? Cool! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and look forward to meeting any new furparents who come by to our blog! Xox

  2. haha Yoda is simply adorable! Beautiful lil one!

  3. Yoda's a cutie and we love her shades!

  4. We Yoda is well cute. Hope you had a serene Sunday and have a marvellous Monday too.
    Best wishes Molly


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