Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Featured Friend - Nutty Boom Boom

A big thanks to everyone who has submitted photos to be featured here at Just So Squeeable! If you haven't sent your picture in yet, what are you waiting for? Click here to learn how to featured! All submissions will have a chance to be the pet of the month and have their sweet little faces displayed on the sidebar of this blog as well as the Squeeable newsletter. More on that later though.

Today, I bring you our very first "Featured Friend" - Nutty Boom Boom! Shiner and I met Nutty over at Twitter, and he is one of the cutest, friendliest, and funniest little dachsunds we know. Nutty has a lot to say, so I'll let him take over...

Cute little Nutty Boom Boom!

Hi Anipals - Me's nayme is Nutty Boom Boom Nutshell McLaughlin and me is a miniachoor red dashchund. Sawwy bout da spullin but daschunds are not vewy dood spellurs.

Me is on Twitta @Nutty_Boom_Boom

Me's bloggy is

Mummicles is Maya and Daddicles is Ian. Me is 2 years old. Me lives wif M&D in a wee village kolled Dundonald witch is in Ayrshire in Scottyland.

Here is me's pikchur dwiving da kar.

Love & leggys

Mr Nutty Boom Boom x 

Be sure to stop by and say hello to Nutty and follow him on Twitter. I'm sure he'll have lots more adorable squee's to share with you there! :)


Squee to us!

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