Saturday, October 12, 2013

Featured Friend - Cupcake

Our friend today is so very cute and super squeeable! Her name is Cupcake! 

Some of you may know Cupcake from her blog - Cupcake Speaks. Here's what her mom has to say about her - 
"Cupcake is a Jack Russell mix rescued at age 3. For the past 4 years, she has been working as a certified therapy pet servicing the veteran's home and listening to young readers at the public library. She loves stuffed animals and cuddling and is afraid of balloons and solar panels." 
Thanks so much to her mom for sending in her photo! And if you don't know Cupcake yet, stop by her blog and say hello! 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Featured Friend - Ruckus the Eskie

Our first Featured Friend for the month of October is our new blogging buddy, Ruckus the Eskie. What exactly is an "Eskie"? Well it's short for American Eskimo Dog or American Eskimo Spitz. Ruckus is an Eskie that lives in the San Francisco Bay area in California. Just take a look at how cute he is! 

Ruckus enjoys lounging around the house and traveling the West Coast for new scenery and friends. He has his very own blog, which is called Ruckus the Eskie. Be sure to stop by and say hello! He's very friendly, so don't be shy. 

You can also follow Ruckus on Facebook and Twitter

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Need a Smile? Visit the Happiness Generator!

The main reason of this website is to bring happiness and joy to our visitors. If you still need more cute after visiting us (who doesn't like more cute, anyways?), head on over to the Happiness Generator! It's sure to brighten your day. The Happiness Generator is a gallery of adorable animal pictures. Kind of like these - 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Announcing October's Pet of the Month!

Today is the first day of October and it's the moment you've all been waiting for - time to crown a new Pet of the Month! This month's winner is *drumroll please*...

Harley the English Bulldog! Congratulations to the new queen for October! If you missed Harley's Featured Friend post, you can read all about this gorgeous gal here. Otherwise, her adorable face will be featured in our sidebar and newsletter for the entire month of October. 

We are still looking for more Featured Friends to share during October! Submit your photos here

Friday, September 27, 2013

Vote for October's Pet of the Month

September is already almost over - can you believe it?! This month, we had four lovely canine ladies submit their photos to show off here. This will be a tough vote! We have Sophie the Golden Retriever, Harley the English Bulldog, Piglet Tucker the Boston Terrier, and Roxy the Cairn Terrier.

Here's a quick reminder of what everyone looks like... 

Add your vote to the poll below! The winner will be announced on October 1st and voting ends at midnight CST on September 30th. And best of luck to all these gorgeous ladies! 

We are looking for some Featured Friends for next month! If you'd like to know how to submit your photo, just click here! Thanks.

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